A dedicated doctor finds a new wonder drug deep in the Brazilian rainforest and finds himself stalked by a murderous pharmaceutical giant, in Andrew Baltzegar’s edge-of-your-seat thriller
This was an impressively crafted novel. It caught my attention from page one and never let go. I had a hard time putting it down to go to sleep. Despite the gory nature of the plot, I was made to feel for each of the characters and could understand each of their viewpoints. Behind the main story, Baltzegar displays not only an understanding of biology and ecology, but a deep care for the fate of some of the greatest places on earth. This is not only a highly entertaining book full of swift action, but a lesson in the biological and social issues gripping much of the Americas today.
J. Vecchio (Amazon)


Andrew Baltzegar was born and raised in the Augusta, Georgia area and has spent his career in the natural sciences. For many years he studied marine life, getting his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Marine Biology at the College of Charleston before relocating to Raleigh, NC to successfully pursue a doctoral degree from NC State University.

Other works by Andrew Baltzegar

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